Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Apple a Day....

If only it were that simple! Unfortunately just an apple a day hasn't seemed to stave off the slew of doctors I've been seeing these past couple weeks.

A couple weeks ago, my dad's job ended. (yes, that is a whole prayer request in itself!) That meant that at the end of April, I would no longer have health insurance under my Dad, and it became imperative that I have all my "issues" checked out immediately. As many of you know, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2008 and have been working to control, and hopefully reverse my diabetes. However, when I went in for this whole round of appointments my lab work revealed that my A1C test (a diagnosis tool for diabetes) was a bit worse than before, not better. It was decided then to treat me as a full diabetic, even though technically I'm still just pre. That meant a whole round of appointments with a diabetic nurse and dietitian, and new medication as well. I'm now on a strict diabetic diet, exercise, testing, and medication regimen. The good news that did come from this is that once I move to Uganda, many of these lifestyle points will most likely be easier for me (the only exception being maintaining testing and supplies).

I also just had to share this story too... today I went to a podiatrist for the foot pain I've had for 10+ years now. I found out that my foot is shaped so that the front is much wider than the back, and I also have moderately high arches. This means that anytime I wear shoes (mostly closed-toe ones) that squeeze over the ball of my foot, the nerves are being compressed, causing my chronic pain. The solution: 3 rounds of cortisone shots and sandals! Now comes the good news and the bad news... once I move to Africa, I will be wearing almost all sandals and open toed shoes! Great! I shouldn't have any long term problems then! The bad news: My insurance expires at the end of April... I don't have time to come back in 2 weeks and again 2 weeks after that for the steroid shots. Here's where my God story comes in.... It just "happens" that the podiatrist, Dr. Gremillion has known and worked with my Granddaddy from years before. He and Graddaddy really enjoyed each other, and he and I get along great too! So when I told him that I wouldn't have insurance to do the next rounds, he gave me the most amazing offer! He told me that he would do my last 2 rounds completely free, without worrying about insurance!! Wow! He told me to consider it his donation to my ministry, and a return favor for my Grandfather's help. Isn't God good??? He just happened to place me in the office with the perfect podiatrist and then provided the way for me to get the healing I need for my feet. I almost cried the whole way home! (Well, that was probably a mix between the incredible joy and the incredible pain Dr. Gremillion had to put me through.... :) )

So a couple incredible conclusions from all these dr. visits.. One, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and the Lord knew exactly what problems I would encounter. Two, the Lord has been so very good to call me to a place where it will actually be easier to care for several of my afflictions than it would be here in America (go figure, it'd be in Africa ;) ), and three, my God is faithful to provide for EVERY need, even before I am aware of them.

Of course, I would still entreat each of your prayers for my healing, wisdom, and diligence in doing what it takes to be the best steward of my health for the short time the Lord has given me here on earth to do His work. All my love to you all!