Friday, May 18, 2012

I’m going back to the States next week. I really can’t believe that I’ve reached a year here in Uganda and it’s time for my first visit back!! The past couple of weeks I have to admit I’ve had quite a few sad days. Honestly, the thought of leaving my wonderful home here just makes me sad. Not that I’m not looking forward to seeing my family and friends Stateside, but I do really love life here. I love coming home to my cozy little house at the end of full days. I love making sour cream and cream cheese out of yogurt. I love sleeping in a cocoon of mosquito netting. I love spending time with my friends here. I love kids waving at me as I drive down the road. I love people’s happy surprise when I greet them in Luganda. I love hearing the children chime, "Ah-Uh!" when I say, "Hello?!?" Pretty much, I just really love life here. period.

So in order to chase away the sad days and get excited about my time back home, I’ve been making a list of things I’m going to love about being back.

The simple things I’m looking forward to:

Being called Melanie again

I really do miss the way Americans say Melanie

Mosquito bite free legs

Oh to not itch for 3 months!!!!

Making faces at my sister

Michelle, I’m ready for you :-P

Effortlessly clean toenails

yes, they are clean now….it just took a while :)

Drying my towels in a dryer

I really don’t mind line-drying the rest of my cloths, but towels just don’t get fluffy again by line-drying

Playing the piano

hopefully my fingers will be kind to me

Driving on pot-hole free roads

though you might want to stay off the roads for a few weeks until I get used to keeping right again

And of course the big things:

Welcoming my first nephew into the world!!

Family dinners

Girl days with my sisters and girlfriends

Midnight talks with my brothers

Long coffee dates with my mom

Dinner dates with Daddy

Fellowshipping with my church family

All in all, I’m cherishing these last few days in my beloved Uganda and practicing joy for the time I’ll have back in the States. Hope to see many of you soon!