Sunday, August 30, 2015

Snuggled in Loving Arms

We were playing together. I would hide, she would find me, I would tickle her. I loved every minute of it, and her grin and giggle told me she did too. Then, as she ran around the corner, it happened. She ran her forehead straight into the corner of the metal window frame. I heard the thump and came around the corner to see her small hand clutching her forehead and her eyes filled with pain. But she didn’t shed even a single tear. Usually when a Ugandan child is hurt, they are immediately told not to cry, distracted from the pain, and sent away to continue playing. I can’t do that. I’m thankful for a mother who tenderly comforted me when I was in pain, and believe that is exactly what God would have me to do for these kids too.

So I ran to her, knelt down and pulled her into my arms. Silently, she buried her face in my neck as her father watched on. With hand pressed against her swelling head, and face pressed against my shoulder, she quietly waited for the pain to reduce. If ice had been available, I would have run for it, but as it was, all I could offer her was the comfort of my hugs. She stayed like that for 10 minutes until my knees were aching and I had to carry her to my office chair. There she stayed snuggled in my arms for another 10 minutes. Finally, she started sitting up and looking around, and I pulled out my phone camera to entertain her. It was so fun to coax smiles out of her, and finally even funny faces as she forgot the pain and started laughing again.

As much as I hated to see her in pain, I treasured those moments. I cherished the feel of her small body snuggled against mine, and her arm wrapped around my neck. I was so grateful for the chance to love on her and comfort her in her pain, and to make sure she knew I cared so much for her. 

That’s exactly what my Father God has been doing for me every day. Because every day these past few weeks I have been in pain. And some of it was self inflicted, though much was the result of another’s sin. But when Jesus sees me suffering, does He just reprimand me to be more careful next time, and leave me in pain? No. His arms are just as ready and eager to scoop me up, pull me close and tenderly comfort me until the pain subsides. I can burry my head in His neck, feel His warm embrace and know that He’s not going anywhere. He’ll hold me close until the pain goes away, and then fill me with His perfect joy, just so He can see me smile again.

I know that’s who my Daddy is. And I love that I get to emulate that love for my precious children here.

I also am so thankful that my Father knows when I am in pain and sends me vivid pictures to help me understand the depth of His love and care for me. I know that I am perfectly safe in His arms.

But I’m still having a rough time right now. I am still processing grief and pain, and I would so love your prayers for me. Please pray against the schemes of the Enemy who wants to distract and destroy the work of God here. Pray for healing, and the supernatural comfort and joy that defies circumstances that only Jesus can give. I know Jesus hears and answers your prayers, and I am so thankful for those standing with me in prayer.