Sunday, June 6, 2010

A glimpse of the Cross

Just a tiny glimpse of the cross... and this life is all worth it. I, just like everyone else, have days of discouragement and doubt. But every now and then the Lord gives a glimpse of His cross that gives each day a special joy.

I sat in the chair, nervously watching the doctor take my small feet in his great big hands. The solution was clear: for me to have healing, I must endure this pain. The doctor took out a long needle and slowly inserted it into the top of my foot. Pain crashed through my foot as the needle made contact with the nerve. The doctor slowly released the cortisone into my foot and withdrew the needle. Tears stinging in my eyes, I looked down to see a stream of blood flowing from my foot. In that moment a picture flashed through my mind. My Lord Jesus, looking down on his feet as an iron nail is driven through, piercing flesh and nerve and pouring forth blood. And in that moment I felt in my body just the tiniest hint of the agony my Jesus suffered willingly for me. His pain for my healing.

This morning as I took communion, that picture once again flashed through my mind. His blood and body, offered for me. His pain for my healing. His agony for my joy. Such a precious glimpse of the Cross.