Monday, March 18, 2013

2 Teachers, a Chicken, and a Circle

Last year, we had cows in  the cornfield Handbook Time......

This year, we have chickens in the games circle.

No matter what we're doing here in Kamonkoli, it's bound to have surprises!

Saturday we had an all day training for our AWANA leaders by two trainers from the AWANA offices in Kampala. (AWANA is a Bible memorization program started in the States and used internationally to teach and train children in the Word of God. See We were so pleased to have them, and to be trained well by them. While HUM has been doing AWANA for many years now, we have been in need of some fresh motivation and well as new material and training on how to use it!

And while the training on the material was necessary and beneficial, our leaders definitely had the most fun with the games training! This was the first time for many of them to see an AWANA games circle, and if you haven't either, here's how they're set up:

Translated into African (HA!):

 Jumping for joy when she came in first

The leaders' turn to race

The circle [square] we got to play on on Saturday is a set of think fabric strips staked down to make the outside square and crossing lines. It belongs to the AWANA office, and after everything was done, my leaders were requesting for one for our AWANA too.

I grew up going to AWANA, so some of my best childhood memories were playing games around this circle. I would just love for our kids here to have that same opportunity, so would you all pray for the Lord to provide a games circle for us?

Speaking of AWANA...I'm also working on some ideas for a partnership program between our AWANA club, and clubs back in the States. If you are an AWANA commander, or know an AWANA commander that would be interested in more details, please contact me at

Blessings to you all in this new week!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Just to make your day awesome... a video of our AWANA kids singing one of their favorite songs, Talemwa.

Translated, it means:

Our God will not fail: He grabs Satan and shakes him and shakes him all around, then kicks him and he falls down to hell.

And this is just one reason my life in Africa is so awesome. Potholes, cockroaches, delays, language barriers, confusion, and difficulties. None of them outweigh the joy even one of these little ones brings! And in the end, they're right. My God will NEVER fail!