Saturday, December 12, 2015

Here, There, Everywhere

My fellow missionaries and I have often laughed about the outdated concept of a furlough for missionaries. Historically, people have expected the time a missionary spends in the States to be a time of rest, catchup with family, and fun with friends. In reality now, it can end up to be even more work and craziness than even life on the field! I love that quite a few organizations have started using the term ‘Home Assignment’ instead. It’s much more descriptive and accurate!

The past 2 months in the States have definitely be that for me as well! I’ve lost count of how many planes I’ve boarded, beds I’ve slept in, and hands I’ve shaken! I won’t lie…it definitely can be tiring! But it is also so rewarding! 

I love every chance to come back to the States and spread the word of how God is working in Uganda. I know that my work in Uganda 9-10 months of the year is not my only ministry. Jesus has also called me to speak His message throughout churches in America too. To call them to a deeper understanding and appreciation of who God is, and what His Kingdom can be. Just like what I do every day in Uganda.

From so many different stages, I get to look into the faces of so many different people here. Some are enthusiastic. Some are church weary. Some are fired up about ministry, especially missions. Some are just there because they feel they should be. Some thought they were called to missions decades ago, but never went. Some are faithfully fulfilling God’s call on them here in the States, and encourage me in my own calling too. They come from every walk of life. They come from dozens of different cultures and subcultures. And each one of them is loved, cherished, and important to Jesus. I know He has placed a special calling on each of their lives, and I can’t tell you how fun it is to hear what that is for each person.

My prayer for the rest of my time here is that God will continue to guide my meetings with people that need His love and encouragement. That He would give me wisdom and insight to recognize and affirm each individual’s personal calling. And that He would use me to excite people in the States about His global work and kingdom (especially in Uganda!)!

I have 4 more weeks here before my flight back to Uganda. Although I’m never sure what each week (or really each day!) will hold, I know Jesus has wonderful things in store for me!

Speaking at Grace Bible Church in Colorado Springs