Thursday, February 27, 2014

8 weeks

I never knew how much could be packed into 8 weeks until now. Over Christmas, none of us really had a holiday since we had a team coming right after Christmas and a huge event to plan for on January 3rd. That meant that really only Christmas day was off and we were back at work again on the 26th. The team of 18 people arrived on the 28th and we enjoyed several events with them including a seminar for the youth on New Years Eve as well as a teaching/tea time with the ladies. But the really big event came on Friday the 3rd when we had invited the First Lady of Uganda as well as about 700 other guests to a big event commissioning the opening of the new school building we’re working on for Genesis. The event was a success, and although the First Lady was sick and at the last minute was unable to make it, she sent the area Member of Parliament as her representative, and we had most of the other important political officials present also. It was truly an inspiring day to see all the children who have been sponsored through HUM and to see the difference Jesus through HUM has made on their lives!

Then on the 6th I dove into a 5 day training with my teachers to prepare them for the new year of school. All day, every day that week we went over curriculum, teaching methods, lesson plans, and so much more. Then on Monday the 13th we had our first day of school for 2014! I am ashamed to say that I was running around like crazy so much I didn’t even remember to pull out my camera for the big day L It was a first day of school that only could happen in Africa. From there being no classroom for P3 (so they ended up sitting in a store room for class for 2 weeks), to not having enough firewood to cook lunch (so we had to feed them porridge for breakfast and dismiss before lunch). It definitely was a rocky start to the year, but thankfully most things have been ironed out over the past 5 weeks. (we now have a comfortable temporary classroom built and more than enough firewood for the semester!) In the weeks following, we have registered 43 new children to the school, so we have a total of 106 precious kids to love on!

Hopefully, we will also have a new school building next term too!! Engineering Ministries International has been working on constructing a new school building for us, hopefully to be finished so we can be there for our second term! Our situation having school at the church has not been ideal, especially as we have added new grades each year, so it will be a huge relief to actually have a real classroom for each class soon.

In the middle of everything with work, things finally started progressing with the house I’ve been looking at renting since November. In January we finally got the tenant agreement signed and payments made, ready to move in the first of February. However, moving day came and the house still wasn’t ready. They had just recently done a renovation, and ‘final touches’ were still being done. Like putting in new electrical sockets. And painting. And finishing the tiling. And breaking out and replacing all 18 of the broken window panes. You know, the ‘small’ things. Ha. I decided to move just the big furniture items into the house and leave my personal belongings until the chaos had reduced. That was Saturday. Monday brought the arrival of my roommate, Callie, back from Christmas in the States along with her friend, Emily. The house still wasn’t finished enough to be livable though, so the three of us stayed at my old place for a couple of nights until we could finally move things into the new house. Now, we have mostly finished getting things settled, but there are still things to finish (like the counter top in the kitchen).

Ken, Sarah, Miracle, and baby Melanie also came to stay in the guest house on our compound for a while. They were so instrumental in getting things arranged for the house, and I’m so grateful for the way they have so lovingly served!!! Of course having my two little girls around all the time has been the greatest joy! Baby Melanie is smiling and laughing all the time now, but the best is when she’s just looking around and lights up with a grin as soon as she sees me :) I have so loved being able to see them each and every day!

In addition to all of the busyness of work and sorting out the house, there has also been a very steady stream of spiritual warfare and attack. My Gaga always tells me that if you’re coming under Satan’s attack, you must be doing something right! So I’m claiming that! But that also means that all of your prayers would be so needed and appreciated! Please continue to pray that Jesus’ kingdom would be built and that no plans of Satan or evil men would distract or discourage us from the tasks ahead of us. I know Jesus hears and answers, and God will continue doing great things here in Kamonkoli!!!