Wednesday, December 31, 2014

7 More Days

It’s only 7 more days until I’m on a plane back to Uganda. After 9 months, it hardly seems possible. People keep asking me if I’m ready. My answer? Not yet. But that’s what the next 7 days is for, right? ;) I knew these last weeks would fly by fast, as they always do. And as always, I’m left scrambling till the end! But I think I should be packed more than I am. I’ve only been doing it for 9 months!  

I can’t remember ever being so nervous-excited to go back. There is so much I’m happily anticipating and thrilled about, but as you might imagine, there’s also a good bit of nerves. I know there are awkward, painful reminders waiting for me when I get there. I’ve seen some of the hard, the painful, the scary of being on the front lines of ministry, and I know things don’t necessarily just get easier from here. But I have walked with Jesus through suffering, and I know I just have to look beside me to find Him there again. I’ve never had to do that so constantly ever before in my life. Or maybe I just didn’t know how. I guess that’s why now I’m so grateful for the pain of 2014. Without it, I wouldn’t have fully enjoyed the perfect peace that Jesus’ presence also brought in 2014.

My counselor told me at my last meeting with her how at the beginning, she never expected me to be able to go back. Maybe to Africa, but not to Mbale again. How incredible is my God who can make the unlikely, and even the impossible happen!

Entering 2015, like the rest of you, I have no idea what lies in store. A year of blessing? A year of suffering? But whatever combination of the two comes, I have reason to celebrate! Because I have a God who heals! A God who restores! And I have seen just how much blessing He can bring from every kind of suffering. 

Happy New Year!