Saturday, November 21, 2009

And the tears flow

I've been looking at pictures of Uganda. I know that probably doesn't surprise you, but what might is that I don't really look at them too often. While I was at school, I didn't reminisce too much since I was way too busy. Now, I'm so busy talking about Uganda, it is rare that I get a moment to really remember my time there. This time, I've been going through my pictures choosing ones to use in my presentations at churches and for my display board. Wow, those were some incredible trips!!! So many faces with so many stories stared at me as I clicked through those pictures again and again. Rose, my translator of several years and African Sister. Justine, my school team partner and singing buddy. Joseph, another favorite translator and fellow keyboardist. All of my muzungu team members through the years. Face after face of people who professed faith in Jesus for the first time with me. It's overwhelming. The Lord has poured His blessing out on me year after year through each of those trips. Remembering all the incredible moments definitely makes me long to go back... tonight. But I have to remind myself, it won't be just like that everyday once I'm there fulltime. I will have my share of difficulties, conflict, and challenges. I can't even begin to imagine what it will really be like actually living there. But I do have a wealth of memories. And I pray that one day when I'm discouraged and frustrated with the ministry, or with the people, I will remember. I will remember what a privilege it is that the Lord chose me, Melanie, of all people, to be His servant to the people of Uganda. Those precious, beautiful people whose faces now bring me to tears.


  1. The memories bind our hearts together with our brothers and sisters so far away, but so close to our hearts. Thanks for reminiscing! I long to go back too, but with my dear husband at my side. I want him to share in new memories. Maybe one day, we will come and visit you. :0)
    -Brenda :0)

  2. You are such a good writer. And such an African. And you make ME homesick for Africa, too!