Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laughing at myself

I think this must be a record...2 posts in 1 week! But I was just thinking about how often when we ask God to do something in our lives... He sure does work quickly! As I was driving home from Parachute on Sunday I was thinking about the way that I tend to take myself too seriously, and how too often I'm most concerned about what others are thinking of me. So I asked God to help me learn to laugh at myself...when I make mistakes I'm prone to worry about them excessively and think about how those mistakes might affect someone else's opinion of me. Instead, I wanted to be able to laugh at myself, realizing that I'm an ordinary girl fraught with imperfections, and use the opportunity to praise God for using such a weak vessel as I am. So.....

Before I left this past weekend, I uploaded a file of my trifold brochure to a local copy center for reproduction. Earlier on I found a couple typos in the text and had fixed them, but for some reason the file I uploaded didn't contain the corrections. As I was headed out of town, I stopped at the copy store to approve the proofs, so I could pick up the copies when I got back this week. Not even thinking to check the corrections, I signed off on the proof and happily went on my way, relieved to have that accomplished. Imagine my dismay when I went back today only to discover that the typos were still in the brochures! I now had a choice: was I going to pay another $200 to have them redone, was I going to stress about my mistake and agonize over the implications (fear that this would reflect poorly on me and my ministry), or was I going to learn to laugh at my mistakes and pray that God's people would have the grace to overlook my imperfections. I thought and thought about it.... How could I justify spending another $200 just for a couple typos? The faces of the impoverished children I'm going to flashed through my mind. No, that wasn't an option. Well, fretting about the matter is certainly natural enough, I could do that quite easily. But no, that's not right or even effective! My only option became clear. I must use this opportunity to laugh and learn and live on. Thankfully I believe the Lord will still use me even though I neglected to double check a brochure that one fateful morning. And, thankfully His grace covers over so much more than just a couple typos! So lesson learned... be more careful next time, and in the mean time leave it in His hands to do with as He pleases. And if those of you reading this happen to go back and check that brochure for the typos, you're welcome to join me in a hearty laugh and use it to remember His grace that covers all, both great and small.


  1. From a proof reader by nature, you made a good choice! I am learning that showing grace is far more productive and honoring to Jesus than being a good proof-reader---what a pitiful lot we are and I am sooo thankful for the grace of our God!
    So as always I am trusting in His unchangeable Truth and Grace. Hugs to you!

  2. baaaaaaahahahahaha!!!! As a previous print comm major, I never re-read a poem after it's been published--because I see all the improvements I'd still like to mkae! (and that last was intentional)

  3. That is pretty humorous. :) Thanks for the example of looking to Him and finding joy despite the frustration.