Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PILAT and more!

Seeing as the past 3 weeks at SPLICE were so intense (mostly spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally), the past couple of days have been a welcome reprieve. That's not to say they haven't been busy too, just a nice change of busy!

Highlight of today: I sent in the money for my tickets!!! Barring further obstacles and delays, I will be leaving Colorado Springs on May 29th!

I've also decided that it would be beneficial for me to attend MTI's PILAT program starting March 28th. This 2 week program is designed to help language learners acquire multiple languages more quickly and efficiently. Since I had received some training in that area during my time at Moody, I wasn't sure I wanted to invest the time and money, however after talking with the teachers of PILAT, as well as my fellow MTI team members who had just completed the program, I was convinced that it would greatly expedite my language learning and communication once in Uganda! Linguistics and language learning are a great fascination of mine, so I'm just thrilled to have this opportunity to delve more deeply into them.

Current prayer needs:

-Diligence as I process and implement the key concepts I learned in SPLICE. Like my instructors said, "If you're not doing it here, what makes you think you'll do it there?!"

-Strength and perseverance as I turn my attention back to recording the last half of my solo piano cd. (recording was put on hold while I was out of town)

-Continued healing (my health is headed in the right direction, but I still have a ways to go!)

-The remaining 17% of my monthly support to come in


  1. Please let me glean from the knowledge you acquire at PILAT. That is an area I havent even know where to begin. SO glad that you have a date now!

  2. I'll be bringing my notebook with me, and you are more than welcome to swipe it for a while! It'll be wonderful to have someone else learning with me!!