Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Lovely Dirt

This is the land of unending dirt! The red, brown, and black ink of the ground seeps into every pore. Sandals are discarded at the door for the sake of semi-clean house floors, but the dirt clinging to every crack of rough feet still inevitably deposits itself in every room. The sweat beading on my face as I walk to church calls loudly for any and all of the airborne particles to join the party on my skin.

Once a day, I feel clean. As I step into my shower each night and watch the grime wash down the drain, I breathe a sigh of relief. I grasp my foot brush tightly and scrub scrub scrub until skin glows pink again.

It never fails to remind me of my soul, penetrated and covered by the filth and grime of sin, but washed and rinsed clean with the blood of the Lamb. As I daily seek forgiveness and mercy, I revel in the freshness and relief of freely given cleansing and righteousness. I marvel that He would love me while I was still covered in sin, embracing my filth-crusted spirit and tenderly purifying me to be His own. Oh that I would be so humble and kind to even the most unlovely around me!

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