Monday, October 10, 2011

It's a.....

Lime. No, really. It's a lime.

Nope, not that one.... that's an orange. (yes, really)

or that one.... that's a tangerine.

That one. The one in the middle. Lime.

Can you see why I spent an hour in the market trying to find limes? Not to mention the fact that there seems to be some debate on what they're actually called in Luganda. Obulimawa? or Kalimawo? I finally found them by asking about 10 people where the obulimawa...the very very small ones were.

Oh, and you'll never guess what color the lemons are. Yup. Green. Cracks me up that the only citrus fruit that should be green is actually yellow.

This is so descriptive of my life right now. In this very different life and culture, many things just look different than I think they will (and sometime should!) For example, American culture tends to be very direct, and Uganda culture in general is indirect. Someone might say to you, "You are most welcome to my home for lunch today" without any thought of you actually coming for lunch. To me, that looks like an invitation to eat. To them, it's really just saying, "I value your friendship, and want to show you that you're loved," not "the chicken is in the pot."

As I re-learn how to think, feel, interpret other people's thoughts and feelings, and in all actively demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus, your prayers would be most appreciated!!!


  1. Whoa. That's incredible (and nice pictures too!). So funny! Except for the hour that you had to search for them...

    Thank you for letting us know specific ways to pray for you!

  2. oh my! hahaha! i love the pictures...that's great. i especially love your explanation of "you are welcome to my home for lunch." i'm beginning to realize that's true in more than just one culture! in several asian cultures, people greet each other by asking "have you eaten today?" which really means "hi, how are you?" lol. love you & praying for you!