Saturday, March 31, 2012

Her Burial

She's been buried next to her mother who died over a year ago from AIDS. There were so many people there. Her family is quite wealthy, and her story was so widely publicized that everyone around town knew where she was to be buried. I managed to keep the tears in check through the waiting for the body to arrive (it took several hours), the last prayers, and the traditional throwing a handful of dirt on the coffin. But when I was brought to Aisha and saw her burst into fresh tears seeing me, I lost it as well. I sat with her in the dust among the throng of people pushing and shoving for a better look at the grave, and we wept together. I don't even remember what I said to her. Soon, they were calling her away and I went to Mary. Again we hugged and sobbed together as I thanked her for doing her best to care for Liz and she wept that it had been in vain. I sat with them for some time, and Aisha told of her final moments on earth. At the very last, her pain was gone and she quietly thanked Aisha, closed her eyes, and died.

I still can't believe she's gone. I still feel like surely there must be something else to do. I need to go talk to the doctors. I need to find some new treatment. I need to fall on my knees in prayer for her yet again. And then I remember, it's over. I have done what the Lord called me to do for her, and she's completely in His hands now. Just like she has always been. May He show her mercy and grace.

It's so hard not knowing exactly where she is now. While I have hope that she had believed, I will never know for sure this side of heaven. Now I am left begging the Lord for the salvation of her family. I know that He is at work, and by His power, her death will not be in vain. He came that He might conquer death and bring life, and my prayer remains that He will conquer the sting of Liz's death by bringing new life to her family. I ask you to please continue to pray for her family now that she's gone. Pray that this will be the turning point for them to come to Jesus, that He might have all the honor and the glory from this story.


  1. This is certainly not the fun side of missions, but I am thankful to the Lord for putting you in a place to minister to her and her family during this difficult time. Praying that the Lord would uphold your heart through the grieving process as well.

  2. So sorry Melanie. I keep thinking that you passed along some very valuable education to the doctors about how to effectively treat burns. Maybe others will be healed because of it. I pray your love and prayers open the eyes of her family to see the Light and they are drawn to Him.

  3. My hearts aches for you, Melanie. Broken heart, weary emotions, all the "why God?" questions. Isa 61:1 has been a balm to my soul recently: Christ came to "bind up the broken-hearted." Ah the comfort of His tender healing. Love you.