Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jaxson James!

We used to huddle on our bedroom floor, surrounded by barbies in various stages of dress. Our favorite item was always the wedding dress, and every barbie session would have to include a wedding story. Most definitely. Then what comes after the wedding? Baby of course! Melinda and I would spend hours thinking, dreaming, and talking about what it would be like when we were 'old' and had our own families. That dreaming continued long after the barbies had been permanently passed down to our little sister, Michelle.

Last year, the first part of the dream was fulfilled when Melinda married her dream husband, JJ. It was beautiful wedding as we all basked in the beauty of their God-orchestrated love story.

8 days later, I moved to Uganda. It wasn't easy leaving my lifetime best friend knowing that the space and time difference would make keeping connected difficult.

7 months ago, when I teasingly answered Melinda's 'guess what?' question with, "You're pregnant?" the answer was yes! He was a surprise baby to all of us, and I found that wrapping my mind around the idea of my sister having a baby was especially difficult when living on the other side of the world. But we all knew she would make the cutest preggo lady, and the most wonderful mother. We weren't wrong.

Yesterday, part two of that dream was fulfilled when baby Jaxson James made his grand entrance! I think I'm in love!

Living overseas has its challenges and sacrifices, and being with my family is definitely the greatest sacrifice that has been required. I am so grateful for the incredible blessing it has been to be with my sister as we welcome her first baby into the world, and I'm equally blessed to be able to love on the children in Uganda who don't have the wonderful mommy and daddy that Jaxson does.

All Photo Credits to Madison Kiley Photography.

Madi, thank you for beautifully capturing all of our precious moments!


  1. Beautiful, Melanie!!!!!!!! Wonderful photos and beautifully said. So happy that you were able to be there for the big event :)

  2. JJ and Jaxson James... love it!