Thursday, January 31, 2013

First day of School

The first day of school can be so exciting!

Or scary....

For some of our kids here at Genesis, it’s their first day of school ever.


 For others, they come to build on their knowledge from previous teaching.

I was struck with the difference between the kids coming in for the first time, and those retuning. 
One group is shabby, with dirt stained clothes and uncombed hair. 
The other is (mostly) neat with their uniforms from last year and (most) heads freshly shaved. 
One group sits quietly, not knowing what to do or expect. 
The other group chatters away, requiring frequent intervention from the teacher. 

It's a visual reminder of the huge impact we can have on these kids. Yes, we can teach them good hygiene. And to wash their clothes. And to sit well and listen quietly. And to write their letters and numbers. And to play well with each other.

But mostly importantly we must teach them to love. To love Jesus, and to love others. But first to love Jesus, because He has loved them more than they could ever imagine! How will they know He loves them? Because we demonstrate His love each and every day. Through tickles. Through smiles. Through laughs. Through cuddles. And kissing booboos. Through discipline. And words of instruction. So they know and understand what it means to be loved. And they'll come to see that's how the God of this universe feels about them!

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