Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Just to make your day awesome... a video of our AWANA kids singing one of their favorite songs, Talemwa.

Translated, it means:

Our God will not fail: He grabs Satan and shakes him and shakes him all around, then kicks him and he falls down to hell.

And this is just one reason my life in Africa is so awesome. Potholes, cockroaches, delays, language barriers, confusion, and difficulties. None of them outweigh the joy even one of these little ones brings! And in the end, they're right. My God will NEVER fail!


  1. Beautiful! I love hearing all those little voices and the lilt of African music. I'll be praying for you and the kids.

  2. Thank You sunshine* It did make my day awesome! God is so good eh? Praying for you and all those lil kiddo's! (continually it seems)
    Oh, to see the sparkle in our Saviors eyes, to hear His musical, contagious laughter, and the angles joining in the praise!!!!
    Love you sista
    God's Blessing*
    It will be a joy to one day stand in God's presence free from sin, free from distractions & free from the competing loyalties in my heart. - Paul Washer