Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What is vision? Many people have been spoken of as visionaries. Is it something to be aquired? Can it be learned? If you're not a person that simply spews forth vision, can you master the art anyway? Hmmm. The thoughts of Melanie's mind without sufficient sleep.

I've been thinking about my vision for ministry. Being here at the conference I have ample opportunity to share my passion and heart for the people of Africa, but how do I pass on the vision of a ministry I don't even have yet? So, I have been crafting a short paragraph of the vision I have for my minstry in Africa. Do I know how it's going to be implemented yet? Nope. Do I even know how I DESIRE it to be implemented? Nope. But I do know that this is the burden the Lord has placed on me, and I pray that He will burden others with it as well.

The Lord has given me a passion for evangelism and a longing to love and teach the children of Uganda. Too many times I have seen the children neglected because they might be too young to understand the truth of the Gospel. Having been saved myself at a very young age, I am a firm believer in the ability of young children to understand and believe the Word of God. I have a vision for these young children to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ when they are little, then grow in the knowledge of Him as they mature, so that in the days to come, they might teach others also. In many cases the church of Africa is expanding rapidly numerically, but the spiritual depth and steadiness is lacking. My desire is to train these children up from when they are young in order to help them develop the spiritual depth and knowledge that will transform them and future generations. This is my dream. This is my vision.