Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well the Lord seems to love stretching my faith...I figure I'd better learn to enjoy it. With my personality, I tend to LOVE fun in everything I do. Even if something in and of itself isn't the most enjoyable, I'm usually able to find some way to bring fun into that too. So if the Lord intends on making this a life-long habit (as I've heard He's prone to do...) I figure I'd just better find a way to bring fun into this too. It'll make it so much more enjoyable along the way... and plus, if I'm having fun, it's easier to have faith too! Ok, bunny trail aside, here's why the whole thing came up:

I've been praying for a car for months now, and apparently the Lord just doesn't think I need it quite as badly as I think I do. I've been looking at several I found on craigslist and they just keep falling through. I thought for sure I had found one that looked GREAT! The guy selling it was saving it for me until I got back from my trip to Atlanta, but when I got home and called him, he said that he had decided not to sell it after all. So here I am again car hunting. I know the Lord has just the perfect one picked out for me... I just don't know where it is at the moment. So I'm waiting...

Actually, that's another theme for me these days. Patience. While I've been trying to work everything out with my ministry in Uganda, it has been impossible to get ahold of my contacts in Uganda. I'm going to try calling them internationally tomorrow morning... but it has definitely been a test of my patience waiting for everything to come together. I think this is possibly one of God's ways of telling me to slow down. I tend to see a challenge or a goal and then relentlessly pursue that until it's accomplished. However, there are times when I need to just sit back, take things a bit slower, and wait on the Lord. I think now is one of those times. So here I am Lord! I'm Yours to do with whatever You like, WHENEVER you like! You just keep doing what it takes to teach this stubborn girl that You alone are at the wheel! I'll stop trying to be the backseat driver now.

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