Sunday, July 12, 2009

I just flew into Atlanta today for a missionary training school with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Long story short, I was unable to attend Tentmakers' training because of my finals week at school, so instead I'm getting schooled by BMW. It's a two week program, and it definitely promises to be intense. The sessions range from prayer in ministry to fund-raising, to inter-cultural communication. I'm staying in a guest house of the mission with 2 couples and another gal my age. It's interesting how much more I evaluate what I say and do when I'm living with strangers. It's definitely humbling and convicting. How I long to reflect Christ in EVERYTHING I do and say, and not just be careful because I'm with people I don't know.

Quick prayer request: I'm trying to buy a car to get around for deputation. I've been praying about this for months and I MIGHT have found one. It's a 1994 Camry that I could get for $1600. Please pray for wisdom on whether I should buy it as well as God's provision for the finances to buy it. Thanks everyone!

More to come soon!

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