Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marvin Bonus Track!

So I was sitting in my living room last night working, and Marvin comes and sits right outside my door... singing as usual. But this time, this is the song he was singing! My friends and I just laughed and laughed, and since I got a candid recording of it, I had to share it with you too!! Goodness, I love this little boy! :)

Translation ;)

Melonie, Melonie, Melonie is my mom,
Melonie, Melonie, Melonie is my mom!

Melonie, Melonie, Melonie, is my love,
Melonie, Melonie, Melonie, is my love!



  1. OMGoodness, what a sweet little tune, and what a sweet little man! I love your blog, and thank you for visiting mine, and your precious words. I have added you to my prayer list, and will enjoy "hearing" about your work all the way over there:) Big blessings to you Melonie :)

    I think the change to Melody was very wise, and sacrificial as well, I will pray that it begins to feel like your new identity!

  2. PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwww.........

  3. Thank you so much Amy! Reading through your blog was such an encouragement to me as well, and I can't tell you what your prayers mean to me! I know I am constantly being upheld here by the prayers of God's faithful ones. Blessings to you and your family!

  4. Oh my word Mel, what a PRICELESS moment!! So precious! I'd be singing about you if I were there too, though ;)

  5. What a blessing to be serenaded by such a handsome young man!! Thanks so much for sharing Marvin with us. Praying for you and love you big bunches! :)