Friday, June 24, 2011

My friend, Marvin

This week I just wanted to show you something that has been bringing me extra joy in this past week! Meet my friend, Marvin.

Marvin is 5 years old, and he and his family live in one of these apartments. They have the one in the corner, and I live in the one on the far left.

Marvin has been sick for the past week, so he’s been unable to go to school and instead has been hanging out with me! I must admit it’s a little more challenging to accomplish lots of language learning when you have a cute little face begging to be let in the door day in and day out. He’s definitely been feeling better the past couple of days though, which means that he has lots of energy and a playful spirit that even outshines mine!! So when I say playing time is over, and now I have to do my work, this is the inevitable outcome:

I am constantly surprised at how similar kids are across the nations! They laugh, play, cry, throw tantrums, and need the same love and attention no matter where they are! This one just happens to have big brown eyes, a dark face, bright white teeth and a sweet little voice! I thought you might like to hear one of the songs he loves to sing for me:

The Bird is On the Popo Tree


  1. Oh my goodness, Melanie! Marvin is adorable! What a sweet little voice and dazzling smile! And he obviously loves you. Otherwise he wouldn't be wanting to hang out with you. What a blessing you are for each other! Love you, Jena

  2. So Sweet, Melanie--the song and the pictures! What a precious gift Marvin must be to you! So glad you posted this for us.

  3. This is so precious Melanie! I absolutely love this boy and I don't even know him in person.