Friday, September 2, 2011

How can I describe?

There's so much about daily life here that defies my ability to write about it.

How do I describe the anticipation of hoping it won't rain so I can go to the market (for slippery mud roads, rain pelting in my face, and dirt up to my knees typically discourage any excursions in the rain!!)?

How do I describe the challenges of successfully mounting (side saddle) the back of a piki (motorcycle taxi) with two full caveras (plastic bags) in each hand while managing a full length skirt? Or then juggling those caveras while holding on for dear life over the hole-ridden roads?

How do I describe my constant direction confusion as this Colorado Springs girl, born and raised with the Rocky Mountains rising in the WEST, now looks toward mountains in the EAST???

How do I describe the complete anticipation and slight trepidation that the question "What are you cooking for dinner" now brings each day?

How do I describe my embarrassment at having so much when people around me have so very little? When the plastic containers I think are useless and throw away are caught up and treasured by others?

How do I describe the joy that fills my heart when small voices shout Teecha Melody! Teecha Melody, and tiny hands frantically wave as I whiz past on my piky?

How do I describe how much sweeter ice cream is when eaten under the hot sun with shining black faces gathered around licking their lips too?

How do I describe the complete surprise and astonishment that overcomes the faces of those that I greet in Luganda in the marketplace?

How do I describe the energy of dancing feet and clapping hands, and the brightness of glowing smiles in dark faces as we praise our Maker each week?

How do I describe the beauty of change and growth as these people teach me how to love them by loving me first?

Yes, life here is more difficult. Yes, sometimes I just want to cook spaghetti sauce on a regular stove instead of charcoal. Yes, sometimes I long for the days of feeling clean. And yes, sometimes I really wish I could go back to where I understand the body language and facial expressions without thinking about it. But I would never trade those things for the joy of living right here where I belong, and with the people that I love.


  1. Thank you so much for working to describe your world in Uganda. Every post you write makes me feel a little bit more connected to Uganda. You made me wish I was there!!

    -ps, BEAUTIFUL photos. :)

  2. Great descriptions "Melody"!! It's raining here this morning... and I'm staying home. We don't have "snow days" here in Africa, we have "rain days"!! :-) But my favorite is what you said about them teaching us to love them by loving us first. SO TRUE!

  3. Melany, did you cut your hair??? So pretty. If so, I'd love to see more detailed pictures of the cut :)

    Praying for you, and praising the Lord in my heart right now for where He has you, how He is using you, and the many ways He's loving you! :)

  4. Thank you wonderful girls for your encouragement!!

    And yes Linnea, I cut my hair short just before the wedding, so it's quite a bit longer now, 3 months later :)

  5. this was so beautiful Mel! I just want to come visit you now :)