Friday, April 5, 2013

Not your normal AWANA games circle

So in an unexpected answer to prayer, while a couple of our staff members were searching through old boxes, they found......AN AWANA CIRCLE!!!!! The ministry must have had it from a looooong time ago, because none of my leaders remember ever seeing/using it. But the point is, it's there! And on Saturday we had our first AWANA club using it for our game time. The kids loved it! The leaders loved it! And that's a good great thing. Buuuut it comes with an addition prayer request.... this circle is is just barely big enough to accommodate the kids we have coming now... and we're definitely expecting even more to come as word gets out about the new program we're doing. So we could really use a second circle, and soon. But since God answered our first prayer even before we asked, I'm sure He's got this one under control too :) Even so, I'd so appreciate it if you'd ask Him for another one for us!


Just because the frequent visitation of our furry/feathered/hairy friends never ceases to amuse me:

Unfortunately, the kids here just don't appreciate the hilarity as much as I do... or as much as I hope you do!

I definitely never anticipated worrying about cow dung in the games circle, but TIA. This.Is.Africa.

Who's up for their own 'visitors' night Stateside???


  1. Oh, that is hilarious!!! It looks so green there too, don't you just love the rainy season!?! ;-)

    1. It is gorgeous! Even in the dry season, it really doesn't get any less green...just that most everything gets covered in red dust...which I suppose does turn things red instead.... :)

  2. That's too funny. I had Awana on my mind all day today anyway and it just made my day. I have lots of extra Velcro cut in the right dimensions and additional pins and bean bags. Let me know the address and I will be happy to send it your way. Love you. God bless you.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Ingrid Atkins

    1. That would be so wonderful!! Thank you so very much for offering! Message coming your way :)