Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Teacher Rose

We truly have some wonderful people working here at Genesis school!

Teaching our Nursery classes we have Teacher Daphine:

And Teacher Brenda:

And this very dear lady, Teacher Rose:

 All three of them truly have a heart for the children, and they give their all to help them learn.

Rose especially has been a dear friend to me. From the very first time I met her, she was special. Not only is she my Luganda buddy, but she has a heart bent on prayer and frequently tells me how she’s been praying for me. This past Easter weekend, I was down sick with a really bad head cold. Because of it, I called in sick to work yesterday and had a shorter day in the office today. Since Rose hadn’t seen me this week, she made a point to call me today and see how I was. She wanted to let me know that she was praying for me, and that she was trusting that the Lord would bring about my quick healing and recovery. Wow! What an honor it is to be loved and cared for by such a woman of God! 

The other day while we were all gathered to have lunch, Rose discretely and quietly gave all of her food to the children. We knew then that she was fasting, though she would not tell us. And we have come to expect it from her: at least one day every week you will find her praying and fasting. She is a constant example and inspiration to me of spiritual discipline. And for sure, she is an answer to my prayers: that God will provide godly men and women to teach in our school. That they would love the Lord with their whole heart. That they would be a demonstration of that love to the kids. I praise God that He has provided us with Rose, and I would ask you to pray for her as well. That she might continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of God. That she might continue to be a dedicated mother and train her children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  That He would continue to provide for her family’s daily needs, whether food, clothing, housing, or medical treatment. And that the Lord would put more people in her life to daily encourage her. Thankfully, I get to be one of those people!!

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  1. May God's Will be done in her life and thinks for sharing!!!!