Saturday, January 9, 2016

An African Welcome

In my first 2 days back in Uganda, I’ve had quite the welcome and re-introduction back into life in Africa. I’ve just been at home so far, unpacking and getting things settled and in order before I jump back into work. There are so many joys and challenges about living in Africa that you mostly just get used to while you’re here. However, leaving and coming back again definitely makes the differences (both great and hard!) clearly apparent again! Such as…..

I found out as soon as I got back that our washing machine had been out of commission for quite a while, so naturally I called our ‘fixer.’ And in the most typical African fashion proceded to spend the next 2 days calling him every 2-4 hours to be assured that he was ‘on his way.’ He did finally come…. but after dusk so he couldn’t do any work on it (since we don’t have a light bulb in the laundry room). Here’s hoping he comes back today when power is on (fingers crossed) and with enough time to work on it!

I think Umeme (Uganda’s power company) heard I was coming back and wanted me to feel at home too, because power has been out about half the time since I got back. Definitely not exactly one of the things I missed the most while I was gone, but it was kind of them to think of me ;)

My little car must have been mad I stayed away so long, because it threw a fit and refused to start. Even with a jumpstart from a very kind friend. But only in Africa can you call the mechanic to your house, have him work on the car until it will start, then drive it to his shop for further repairs and a lube job, and bring it back to you washed inside and out for about $100. There are some things that really are better in Africa :)

Another thing that’s better in Africa is the option to call the carpenter to your house and have him come the same day to re-install your shower curtain rod and wardrobe clothes rod that collapsed while you were gone. And as a bonus, it all costs so much less than it would be to get a DIY kit from Ikea.

And in the midst of all the welcome friends and visitors that have come to greet me and welcome me back, there will always be the not so welcome ones…..

I suppose the usual way of entertaining guests doesn’t generally include smashing them with your shoe…but I prefer being unconventional.

All in all, I’m getting a lot of laughs, a few sighs of frustration, and so much joy to be back in a place my heart calls home!

Thank you all so much for your prayers for safe travels! My flights and entry through immigration were all completely smooth and uneventful, and I barely even noticed that I had a head cold! God is good! All the time!


  1. Sending so much love as you get reconnected with African life. I love your unconventional ;)